News roundup: New lights, new drones, new lenses – RedShark News

News roundup: New lights, new drones, new lenses – RedShark News

In this week’s news roundup we’ve got a new lens from Viltrox, new studio lights from ROSCO, and a new drone from Skydio.

ROSCO Miro Cube 2

We have seen the original Miro Cube being introduced in 2014 to provide colourful LED outputs. For the latest generation of Miro Cube 2 we are looking at four models with following new features:

  • Beam Control: The WNC, 4C, and 4CA models all ship with an OPTI-SCULPT Lens Kit that contains three Rosco OPTI-SCULPT Lenses: 20°, 30°, and the reversible 40°R60°.
  • Ludicrous Mode: By utilizing ROSCO’s patented Miro Cube heat management system, this mode is claimed to redistribute its power to maximize its output.
  • Master Dim Mode: This enables to set the hue or color temperature, and then dim the fixture via a single control channel.
  • NO PWM Mode (Pulse Width Modulation): This enables dimming up and down without any flickering from the light source.
  • Pre-tuned: These lights can be delivered with preprogrammed to a specified hue or color temperature, which makes integration easier and faster.
  • Control system: Miro Cube 2 fixtures can be controlled with a RDM compatible DMX and 0-10VDC, or with your mobile device. ROSCO’s myMIX app allows you to select your colour temperature or create a custom one. 


The Miro Cube 2 4C is an RGBW color-mixing fixture. Without a lens, it is claimed to have 1200 Lumens output, which is great for bright and bold colours. The white emitter enables the Cube to be used with tints and different tones of pastel. The 4C uses 4 x 12W Osram Ostar multi-chip LEDs and it draws 50W. Dimensions for 4C are 4″ x 4″ x 4.25″ (100mm x 100mm x 108mm) without the yoke and it weighs in at 0.95 kg.


The 4CA fixture features red, green, blue, and phosphor-converted amber chips that creates a warm white light with a full-colour spectrum and a CRI of 92+. This light has 900 Lumens output and the same dimensions and LEDs as previously mentioned 4C does. Colour temperatures from 2200K to 10000K can be reproduced.

WNC – Tunable White

The WNC is a white fixture that can adapt for a mix of warm, neutral, and cool LEDs. With a Kelvin colour temperature, the light can range from 2700K to 6000K and a claimed CRI of 92+. To reach an output of 3400 lumens, this fixture is geared with 12 high-quality Cree XML 4W emitters. The weight and dimensions are the same as 4C and 4CA.

UV365 – Blacklight

The UV365 is a high-output blacklight that has narrow 365nm LEDs. This ultraviolet bandwidth works well with colourful sceneries, make-up and set materials luminesce and glow.

Viltrox 13mm F/1.4 AF for FUJIFILM X-Mount Cameras

Chinese optics and accessory manufacturer Viltrox has announced a new 13mm F1.4 autofocus lens for Fujifilm X-mount camera systems. This wide-angle lens is compatible with every FUJIFILM X-Mount camera. It weighs only 0.92lbs/420g and is 90mm long. With a roughly 20mm full-frame equivalent focal length, we are expecting this lens to be shipped in February with a price …….